Tuesday, August 16, 2016


 This was sent to me from a reader of my column in the Livestock Weekly. It is pure theology explaining why you have to believe the Bible story and not Charles Darwin. It has some information about Darwin that I had never read.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I was looking for information on carbon dating of amber and found this site. Everything you ever wanted to know about insects and how they were created.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


When we eat at a restaurant we always ask our server if they have any prayer requests to add to the blessing of the meal. This year at the Western Writers of America conference in Cheyenne, WY we had an unusual response to our request. You notice on the upper photo of one side of our bill it says Paid with a smiley face. And I hope that you can read the note Skye wrote on the back of the bill. You never know when you will help someone when you pray for your meal and add the server to the prayer. The next day another server was abrupt in saying she didn't want our prayers. But we keep trying.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

More C14 news

Interesting post from Univ of Wisconsin
I found this post an interesting history of Libby's assumptions as to the constancy of C14 in the atmosphere.

Friday, May 27, 2016


In the past I have been challenged about the young earth age by reports of talks by scientists who date using ice cores in the arctic and antarctic. The http://creationrevolution.com/the-lost-squadron-2/ site recently posted the story of the Lost Squadron. I shared it on my Facebook page. This is the story of a flight of two B-17s and four P-58s that had to crash land in Greenland during WWII. The pilots were rescued but the planes were left. In 1980 an aircraft dealer had the idea to recover them. He thought he could sweep the snow off, fuel them and fly them away. What he found was that the planes were buried deep in the snow and the glacier had moved them three miles from where they started.
I didn't read that anyone drilled a core and tried to date the layers to the time they knew had passed in this event. But it is obvious that ice depths are recent events and the ice that has formed since Noah's Flood could be what we see today. The dating methods need to be challenged when they say that they represent millions of years when only a few have really gone by.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


We have just returned from a trip to Olathe, KS to celebrate my step-son's birthday. We flew up on Friday the 13th and returned today on AA. When we landed at KC on the 13th we were held on board until police officers boarded and removed a woman passenger. As we walked by there were several police and firemen in the passageway. Never could find out what that was all about.
I am still working on C14 trying to look at the data and having problems with the format to download the data. I have requested help from ICR and am waiting for answers. The NASA site has peculiar formats for their data that I haven't seen before.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


In 1958 when I first read about creation science questioning evolutionary science I had just finished four semesters of graduate courses in Nuclear Engineering. General Dynamics was designing a nuclear-powered bomber and I thought a Master's in Nuclear would improve my job opportunities. When the project was cancelled I changed degree programs to a MS in Mechanical Engineering. But reading the difference between a universe created 6000 years ago and one created by evolution from a Big Bang 4 billion years ago, I immediately said that we can solve this problem using radioactive dating techniques. I went to the FW Public Library to look at the just published papers on using Carbon 14, C14, as a dating tool. Immediately I had a problem. There are always assumptions in every scientific venture and C14 dating assumed that the C14 in the atmosphere had been constant for 100,000 years, I said that if the earth was only 6000 years old that there would be discontinuities in the dates reported using C14. When I looked at the data available at the time, I saw what looked to me like such a jump in dates.

I would like to see a C14 model use a couple of assumptions. One that there was no C14 in the original atmosphere and that there was little formed during the pre-flood era because the magnetic field deflected more of the high energy particles that are supposed to strike N14 and change the atoms to C14. After the flood and with the changing magnetic field more C14 would be generated down through recent time. Another assumption would be that God created C14 in the original atmosphere and it was absorbed by the abundant plants in the world up to Noah.

Assuming that the coal beds were formed during the flood from burying the abundant and heavy forests that existed in the tropical rain forest climate all over the globe, then the presence of C14 in coal would establish a base line for the dates. Because many trees at that time would have been there from day one, you would have less C14, so that the amount would be less than what would be found in trees or carbon materials after the flood. I want to look at C14 measurements in coal and oil and in material known to be in the last few centuries. We can probably assume that the C14 in the atmosphere has been fairly constant for the last 4000 years.

Now my job is to start researching C14 measurements to find some consistency in the measurements.