Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today I attended the Tell conference in Brownwood and got to see a number of Central Texas Conference pastors and laymen. We had a good session on hard chair seats. When I looked at my computer tonight I found this article by Dr. Sarfarti that I had to post:

Biblical Age of the Earth

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I often receive emails asking about where in the Bible it states that the Earth is 6,000 years old. This answer results from a synthesis of a number of passages of Scripture.

Genealogies of Genesis

Our starting point would be the so-called chrono-genealogies of Genesis 5 and Genesis 11. These genealogies, by their nature, do not contain any gaps. Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, of Creation Ministries International, has written a detailed article on why the grammar and sound exegesis cannot allow for gaps in these two special genealogies.1 These genealogies allow us to find the date when Abraham left Haran, in Genesis 12:4. This date must have been 2,083 AM, where AM stands for Anno Mundi, the Year of the World — that is, the years after creation.
In Genesis 12:10, we read that Abraham’s descendants were to be in Egypt for 430 years. In 1 Kings 6:1, we find that Solomon built the Temple 479 years after the Exodus. Solomon died, and the kingdom was divided 37 years later (1 Kings 11:42). And then Jerusalem was destroyed 390 years after this, according to Ezekiel 4:4-6. When these numbers are added, we find that the destruction of Jerusalem was in 3419 AM. However, we have an extra-biblical date for this event — 584 BC. When 3419 is added to 584, we find that the year of the creation was about 4003 BC.

Nearly Precise

There is a very small margin for error. Each addition could represent an error of almost a year, because we do not know if, for example, Abraham left Haran on his 75th birthday, or when he was 75 years and 11 months old. We simply know that he was aged 75. So the date of creation could be pushed back to about 4,200 BC, but not really much further. Those who assume that Young Earth Creationism implies that the Earth is 10,000 years old or younger are not using the Bible for their dating methods

Friday, February 10, 2012


A friend sent the following link to a great paper by Dr. James Hugg:
It says what I want to say even better.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I often get the comment that creation scientists are not "real" scientists. I know that Dr. Henry M. Morris had his PhD in Hydrology from Rice University and served as Civil Engineering department head at two universities. I was introduced to him by a friend who got his degree in his department. Another creation scientist is Dr. Walt Brown who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and served as director of several major research laboratories as well at teach at the Air Force Academy. All of the creation scientists at the Creation Science Research Institute have doctoral degrees in their field from major universities. There are lists of more than 10,000 scientists who believe in creation. I have several books with essays by scientists from every field. This question about real scientists comes up continually and I found this answer.

From:"You can also find a more extensive list of creation scientists, past and present at: Creation scientists and other specialists of interest. The secular world does not like to admit that the vast majority of fields of science were started by Bible believing young earth scientists. They don’t want you to know about them as it is an embarrassment to them. With scientists like Christiaan Huygens, they will say that they still believed in the biblical account of creation because Darwin had not yet proposed his theory of evolution. The same is true today. I constantly hear evolutionists claim that there are no reputable scientists that believe in a young earth biblical creation. They say that because their own personal belief will not allow them to. Their prejudices automatically cause them to declare any scientist who believes in a young earth is not a real scientist. If they did admit that creationists were real and reputable scientists it would give creation some credibility and mean that people should actually listen to them and they can’t allow that to happen."

My favorite scientist is Sir Isaac Newton who established the basis of physics that still serves all of the calculations that I made as an engineer. Newton not only established a theory of physics and calculus but he considered his greatest writings to be his apologetics papers. I downloaded one of his papers on interpreting Daniel to my Kindle and am fascinated by his extensive knowledge of history, the Bible and Latin in his extensive paper. He believed in creation science.