Friday, August 10, 2012


NASA had a great accomplishment, landing the Curiosity rover safely on Mars. I was skeptical because the unusual method of landing it by lowering it on cables from a hovering spacecraft looked really complicated. But it worked. For 2.5 billion dollars you can do a lot of computer modeling and testing to make sure it will work. The Russians are looking at why they have not been successful lately with their satellite launches and our accomplishments are again showing the superiority of our free system working.

Unfortunately the reason for the mission is flawed. They are looking for life on Mars. They continue to use the mythological thinking that if you have water, carbon and solar energy that life will spontaneously appear. Life was created here on Earth. The stars and planets were created as signs in the sky and all of our planetary investigations have shown that there are no people, or weird creatures like in Starwars, existing on the moon, or Venus where the temperature is so high that lead would melt. Nor are there any strange creatures on Mars. But we continue to look for bacteria or some other form of life like that here on earth on Mars. Of course if we touch anything we deposit our DNA on the surface. I know that Curiosity was put together in supposedly sterile conditions, but it was put together here on Earth where we have organisms floating around in the air. If we find any trace of organic matter on Mars, I would look at the possibility that it came from Earth.

I am looking forward to the science experiments to see how different the soil and atmosphere are on Mars and I think that using robotic devices is much better than sending people to dig around in the dirt up there. So even if we go for the wrong reasons, we will learn something.