Monday, June 23, 2014


Every day I read posts from Creation sources. Lately there have been stories and articles telling about the enormous complexity of the human cell structure. I personally have never unravelled RNA or DNA and am totally dependent on what I read that other researchers have done. But based on what I read each cell has a computer load of information that controls how the cell interacts with other cells and reproduces. How any mature intelligent scientist can look at this information and not believe that we have been created and could not possibly have evolved from some mud puddle hit by lightning amazes me. There is no way that inorganic molecules can organize themselves into organic molecules and inbed themselves with enormous amounts of information to control their activity. Only an intelligent designer with great complexity could create such a system.

A more difficult scientific fact to confirm is the young earth assumption. Based on the historical written record we have clear evidence of a 6,000 year old world. But we have been brain-washed into the idea of billions of years by modern scientists with no solid evidence, only a belief system to back their ideas. Scientific evidence of soft tissue found in fossils clearly refutes that the fossils are more than a few hundreds of years old, which fits with a Flood theory of burying an enormous amount of flora and fauna in a short time. But scientists can't see what is right in front of them.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I have wanted to post more often but this week I am spending all day (no nap) at the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church in Mansfield as the Lay Member from the Cresson/Waples churches. The Lay members heard a presentation from a General who is the Commandant of Chaplains. His talk was how the chaplaincy is changing drastically with weird religions now represented. He digressed to tell about finding a church in Va. where he lives. He finally found one that treated him like our Waples church.