Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I watched the Republican convention and they reminded us that our opportunities in the US comes from God. They placed it in their platform and almost every speaker reinforced the concept.

Today the Methodists were prominent at the Democratic convention. Their initial platform had removed all reference to God. A Methodist minister offered an amendment to their platform to recognize God and to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. To approve required 2/3 majority to get it on the ballot. That vote was clear, then when the propositions were voted on, the chair called for the vote at least three times. He finally declared that there was a 2/3 majority but my call was even. At least half the delegates oppose putting God in their platform. Then the opening prayer was given by a black Methodist Bishop woman who gave an impassioned plea to support Democratic values.

I pray that God will direct the voters of the nation in November.

There is no way that belief in a six-day creation would be passed by any political party and that is the real shame of the beliefs in our nation.

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