Friday, April 19, 2013


One of the members of my church challenged me on my beliefs in creation. I had asked him about the Creation Museum in Glen Rose. He volunteers at the Wildlife Center there. I gave him a copy of Biblical Creationism by Dr. Henry M. Morris. He responded with about six different articles he had collected from the Net. He uses a Bible with Hebrew and one of the articles was about how we form our ideas about the six days of 24 hours from our English translations and that the Hebrew can be interpreted as long ages. I have read other arguments against this concept. I think the last one was the book by Safarti questioning Hugh Ross' idea of long times. I was amused by one book that explained that the Hebrews were nomads who lived in the desert with primitive ideas but the Greeks were city dwellers who had ideas based on science and facts. I would argue with that. Abraham came from Ur, a large city of the time, but did travel with his family with large herds that was typical of rich people. Later when the Hebrews occupied the land they moved into and built cities. Jerusalem is a good example. Also it is interesting that today the Jewish people hold the majority of prizes for scientific and technical knowledge. I don't know that the Greeks have the same reputation today, although in the Western world we give them credit for many early scientific and technical advances.
It will be interesting to see where our conversation goes. I would invite him to comment on this blog.
I will abandom my computer for a week so don't expect updates for a while.
Thank those who are reading but not commenting.

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