Saturday, July 5, 2014


I am reading a couple of books that are new to me. One, on Kindle, is What Your Atheist Professor Doesn't Know (But Should) by Stephan Joseph Williams. He makes a powerful argument against Darwinian Evolution using all sorts of scientific facts. Primarily the biological complexity of life that I liked. He also quotes astronomers and lists over 100 facts about our planet that if something were just a little different life would be impossible. These are scientific facts gleaned from astronomical observations. I don't agree with the Big Bang assumptions, but the facts about magnetic fields, distance to the Sun, orbital factors, proximity to Neptune, etc. are all interesting facts that if things were just a little different life couldn't exist here. He points out that all the astronomers believe that only an intelligent designer could have made it like it is, but they don't accept a Judeo-Christian explanation.

I exchanged books with a new Muslim friend. I gave him a copy of the New English translation of the Bible and he gave me a copy of the Quran in English. We agreed that we would each read their book. I am now about half way thru the Quran and must say that I cannot understand why it is accepted as a holy tract in the way it is worshiped. To understand it you need to know the Torah and Old Testament as well as the story of Christ. They accept Christ as a prophet but not as the Son of God. The book rewrites the history of Moses and Noah with some interesting stories. It is a tough read for me.

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