Friday, May 27, 2016


In the past I have been challenged about the young earth age by reports of talks by scientists who date using ice cores in the arctic and antarctic. The site recently posted the story of the Lost Squadron. I shared it on my Facebook page. This is the story of a flight of two B-17s and four P-58s that had to crash land in Greenland during WWII. The pilots were rescued but the planes were left. In 1980 an aircraft dealer had the idea to recover them. He thought he could sweep the snow off, fuel them and fly them away. What he found was that the planes were buried deep in the snow and the glacier had moved them three miles from where they started.
I didn't read that anyone drilled a core and tried to date the layers to the time they knew had passed in this event. But it is obvious that ice depths are recent events and the ice that has formed since Noah's Flood could be what we see today. The dating methods need to be challenged when they say that they represent millions of years when only a few have really gone by.

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