Sunday, June 14, 2009


I got to thinking about population calculations as to how many years it would take for the current population to result from 8 people walking off of an ark. I got the current population equations which require an assumption of the percentage increase each year of growth. Using the present growth rate of 1.7 percent it would have only taken about 1200 years to get here from there. You have to use just a few tenths of a percent to get several thousand years.

I then found the Henry Morris has looked at this problem several years ago and I recommend you looking at:

This is a good explanation that shows that scientists who argue evolution is a fact have to corrupt their calculations to reach that conclusion when their data show a completely different set of numbers. The earth has to be a young earth. And I am convinced that it is formed by catastrophic geology. When I fly over the western states looking down at the terrain shows massive tectonic movement and volcanism.

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