Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The following is a letter I emailed to WSJ inresponse to an OPED on science and religion written by an atheist bragging about needing to be an atheist in everything because he had to be one to be a scientist.

Krauss states that a scientist can be a believer, but professionally he can't act like one. If Krauss believes in the laws of science he would have to admit that the laws of physics and chemistry prove that evolution is impossible. This means that there must have been a creation with a creator. He can deny the existence of God but only on a faith basis because he can't prove that God doesn't exist. The remarkable success of science (and my field of engineering) is based almost completely on the work of Isaac Newton who developed the laws of motion and the use of calculus to solve problems. Newton was not only a believer in God but considered his writings on that subject more important than his laws of physics.

Scientists who deny God and insist on teaching only evolution are ignoring enormous amounts of data that support a young earth theory. For example Carbon14 should not exist in coal or gas deposits if they are millions of years old, but current discoveries of C14 in those deposits mean that they are much younger. It is interesting to me to read the way science tries to manipulate the data on population. Using the current rate of population growth the current population could have been produced by eight people getting off an ark less than 2000 years ago. Other indicators that I find interesting is the lack of sediment in continental trenches assumed to be millions of years old and the lack of salt in oceans where the major source is from under water salt geysers. And it is obvious to me as I fly over the Western US that this terrain was formed by catastrophic geological events not by and uniform deposit.

Science should be searching for the truth, not denying what may be true by preventing the publication of science experiments and results that would point to creation by a creator. Scientists who are believers are not permitted to publish and are prevented from teaching the truth. That is unacceptable.

Charles A. Rodenberger, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering

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