Monday, February 1, 2010

I have submitted the following resolution for the annual conference of the Central Texas United Methodist Church:
Be it resolved that the United Methodist Church, whose belief is that God is the Creator of the universe, reverse the action of the General Conference that accepted evolution as the only way to teach science and encourage the teaching of Creation Science as an equally acceptable theory to the teaching of evolution in our schools.


We, as Christians, believe that God sent His Son to redeem us from sin. Jesus Christ stated that he was present at creation and gave us no teachings that would support evolution.

Evolution is a nonscientific teaching based on faith because the laws of physics and chemistry prove that evolution of larger molecules from the random interaction of hydrogen atoms is statistically impossible. Because it violates the basic laws of science evolution must be accepted on the basis of faith and becomes a false religion. If evolution is impossible the only other possibility is that of creation. Because we believe in the Bible and state in our creed that God is the creator then we should support the teaching and research of creation scientists and ask that such teachings be given as much credit as the false doctrine of evolution.

Charles A. Rodenberger, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Engineering

Texas A&M University

8377 FM 2228

Baird, TX 79504

254 725 6816

Member FUMC Cross Plains

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  1. Good job, Charles. Thanks. Curtis