Monday, February 8, 2010

This is the resolution that I am submitting to the next meeting of the Annual Conference of the Central Texas Coference of the United Methodist Church:

Submitted by:
Charles A. Rodenberger, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Engineering
Texas A&M University
8377 FM 2228
Baird, TX 79504
254 725 6816
Member FUMC Cross Plains
WHEREAS the Discipline of the United Methodist Church affirms the biblical witness to God’s activity in creation and
WHEREAS we join in the Apostle's Creed that states that God is the creator and
WHEREAS we believe that God sent His Son to redeem us from sin and Jesus Christ stated that he was present at creation and gave us no teachings that would support evolution and
WHEREAS the theory of evolution is not a science but a religion that must be accepted on faith because the laws of physics and chemistry deny evolution and there are no examples of species evolving and
WHEREAS scientists should be searching for the truth in their research and presenting all of the scientific facts from qualified researchers
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church support the active practice of Creation Science that has thousands of highly qualified scientists who are not permitted to publish their findings in science journals and support the teaching of Creation Science in our schools and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church request the 2012 General Conference of the United Methodist Church to reverse the action of the 2008 General Conference Petitions 80050, 80990 and 80893 that accepted faith-based evolution as the only way to teach science and opposed Creationism and take action to encourage the teaching of Creation Science as an equally acceptable theory to the teaching of evolution in our churches and schools.
I have studied the Creation/Evolution argument for 60 years and am convinced that Evolution is a nonscientific teaching based on faith because the laws of physics and chemistry prove that evolution of larger molecules from the random interaction of hydrogen atoms is statistically impossible. Because it violates the basic laws of science evolution must be accepted on the basis of faith and becomes a false religion. If evolution is impossible the only other possibility is that of creation. Because we believe in the Bible and state in our creed that God is the creator then we should support the teaching and research of creation scientists and ask that such teachings be given as much credit as the false doctrine of evolution.
Modern scientific findings such as the DNA findings that all persons are descended from one woman supports the beliefs of Jews, Christians and Muslims in Eve as the mother of mankind. Eve did not evolve from some primeval soup, but was created. Our present population is in line with the number of descendants of four couples surviving a flood that destroyed all others.
The argument that young people are leaving the Methodist church because it didn't support evolution is not true in my family. I have three grandchildren who were raised in the Methodist church who left to worship in Bible believing churches, and do not believe in evolution. I was told that a retired couple left our church when they heard that we supported evolution. By reaffirming our belief in God as Creator we will gain members, not lose them.

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