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This was the column I published in the March 25 edition of The Livestock Weekly:

I hope that you read the news in The Livestock Weekly. A recent story on global warming explained how all of the proposed costly ways to control carbon dioxide and methane from cattle flatulence would not change the temperature predictions by even one degree in the foreseeable future. The science was embroiled in political controversies and the major news sources ignore data that doesn’t support their views.
I have scientific credentials that could be questioned and am not the most intelligent person in the world but I do have a bone to pick with scientists. I am on a campaign to make all scientists honest. Based on the laws of physics and probability the concept of evolution that atoms bouncing around could form more complex molecules and form organic complex molecules, DNA and other forms of life are completely impossible. They know that and yet have had the courts hold that evolution is a scientific fact. This has been a problem with textbooks in our schools and we can’t even get the idea of questioning evolution in the schoolroom.
A worse problem is the use of the concepts in evolutionary biology that are entering the medical treatment area. If evolution is not a scientific fact then the concepts and treatments are questionable. Elimination of undesirable characteristics in people has led to the genocide of people by the Nazis, Stalinists and Maoists. Remember the name of Charles Darwin’s book was:
"On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life". His intent was to explain why Europeans were so much more advanced that the native cultures around the world as he cruised the oceans. That is why it was the favorite reading of Hitler, Stalin, Castro and Saddam Hussein. They used the concept to eliminate entire undesirable communities who disagreed with their ideas. So it is important what you believe in.
Recent advances in DNA and genetics has shown that all people are descended from one woman. We also believe that all dogs came from one pair as all cattle, horses, etc. That means that evolution is not how we got here but some sort of creation or intelligent design must be the answer. I don’t expect scientists to accept my beliefs, but to be honest in using science. The Atheistic astronomer, Fred Hoyle, knew that evolution is impossible scientifically so he proposed that mankind is here due to aliens from outer space delivering our ancestors. That is a much better explanation than the belief that we all are derived from some primeval mud that kept evolving into more and more complex organisms to become fish, animals, and people from some ridiculous tree of life concept over many millions of years. It just doesn’t make sense. Why smart people with PhDs who use the laws of science in all of the modern developments in computers, machines, cattle genetics, etc. believe that we evolved from animals blows my mind. You can’t lie and be believed in anything that you propose that will cost us enormous government controls like cap and trade, or government controls on our health to get rid of all us older ones who have outlived our usefulness.
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