Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last Friday and Saturday I attended three lectures by Dr. Brad Harrup that were given at the Church of Christ in Rising Star. The first lecture was entitled "Are You Convicted" and is the title of his book. He gave me a copy and I gave him a copy of the Stanford Research Institute paper by two Australian physicists who came up with the theory that the speed of light is slowing and in the past was many times what it is now, so that light coming from distant galaxies may have been much faster then than now changing the "light-year" distance. They published a separate paper using their theory to correlate with the Biblical events of a young earth. Harrub had heard of the papers but hadn't read them.

His book also was the material for the other two lectures on fossils and dinosaurs arguing that the geological column is fictitious because of artifacts discovered in coal beds when the evolutionary thesis is that man was millions of years later than the coal beds. He had visited Mt. St. Helens on the 30th anniversary of the eruption and explained how great canyons were formed overnight and now the many trees washed into a new lake are forming peat beds and will become coal. He related that to the textbook descriptions of the Grand Canyon being formed by the Colorado river over millions of years when it was probably formed overnight like the one at Mt. St. Helens.

I edited my resolution the way it is printed in the Annual Conference preliminary report and hope to be able to defend it tomorrow when it is scheduled to be voted on at 3:15. The Church and Society Committee recommended Non-Concurrence. The only other resolution is one to admit illegal aliens that they support. Should be an interesting discussion of resolutions tomorrow.

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