Monday, October 31, 2011

I have been unable to access this blog from my laptop but it is working on my desktop. I have been posting creation science comments in my Livestock Weekly column and this week I got two replies. For my next column I plan to tell how to find Creation Science books. When you do a search for Creation Science books you get several excellent sites. One site has free online books and I spent an hour or so reading some of them last night. I want to read Walt Brown's book that is listed online but haven't gotten to it.

I am reading Alien Intrusion by Gary Bates on my Kindle and am halfway through it. He makes an excellent rebuttal of evolution in the first half of the book and tells how the science fiction books and movies have prepared the public for the common belief in aliens from outer space. The first ones were from the Moon,Venus and  Mars, but as we investigated those planets and found that they could not support life, the aliens moved to other planetary systems. In the second half that I have just started he is making the argument that the alien sightings and abduction stories are coming from spirits that are trying to subvert Christianity. He makes a good argument and interesting discussion of angels in the Bible.

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