Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My AOL news had a Huffington-Post story about a recent discovery of Neanderthals in Spain that changed the date and supposedly made them older that previously thought. What got my attention was the drawings of the "creatures" that accompanied the story. I have a couple of friends who are married and I have argued that they should sue National Geographic and the Smithsonian museums for their portrayal of neolithic people. The couple look like they stepped out of the drawings. There are people today who look just like the ones portrayed in the drawings that are always someone's idea of what the person would look like when they dig up a skull. My friends are very intelligent, one had a PhD in literature and the other is a journalist but have the facial features that looked just like the drawings.
Today I got a notice from the Creation Research Society that they are trying to fund a new project iDINO that is digging up dinosaur fossils with the purpose of identifying Dinosaur Intact Natural Osteo-tissue using their electron scanning microscope. Preliminary results of examining a Triceratops horn has found what appears to be intact osteo tissue still containing blood cells. Plus some other interesting results. This would prove that dinosaurs could not possibly be millions of years old but could only be a few thousand years old.
Personally I believe that dinosaurs existed before the flood with people and other animals and that after the flood like other animals they began to die at younger ages and become smaller in size with the larger "dragons" becoming extinct fairly recently and some still existing as horned toads and other such animals. I think we have dinosaur fossils from both eras of their existence. The ones found that seemed to eat other animals were those who died in the catastrophic floods that occurred after Noah's flood during the formation of the continents as the world was divided and subjected to large tectonic forces.

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