Sunday, February 3, 2013


I resolved to post to this blog every few days this year and failed until today. I don't think anyone reads this blog even though I have advertised it widely. But it is a very personal for me and I want to continue to to post my thoughts.

I have just finished reading a book that Nancy bought me that she thought supported my belief in Noah's Flood. It was David Montgomery's THE ROCKS DON'T LIE: A Geologist Looks at Noah's Flood. The book is a bashing of creation science but is a very thorough look at the history of the controvery between old ages and a young earth view. He assumes that rocks are billions of years old without questioning that assumption. He does look at the evidence of floods and finds lots of support. He argues that the evidence doesn't support Noah's flood, although he isn't sure. He claims that modern geology has a good understanding of the separation on the continents and argues for catastrophic geology as forming mountains and causing huge local floods like the one that formed the scablands in western Washington and Oregon. He then attacks the Creation Research Society for the thinking that the earth is a young earth.

I still contend that the earth could be only 6000 years old, with a period of time with the canopy. We have no idea of the landscape at that time or whether there were high mountains for the flood to cover. After the flood the atmospheric changes could have contributed to the shortened life spans of both men and animals. Then during the days of Peleg the earth was divided. I argue that could have been when the continents seperated and that in a few days or weeks the continents could have drifted to their present locations. This would have been accomplished by catastrophic geological events including floods, tsunamis, mountain creation, folding, uplifting, volcanic activity that lasted for centuries and has only settled down fairly recently. His book records that cataclysmic geology exists. We just disagree on the time line. He did read Morris and Whitcomb's book THE GENESIS FLOOD. He disagrees with it. He also visited a Creation museum in Kentucky and was amused by their thesis. The book is a good history of the conflict in thinking, but I still question the geological ages that have been created by geological folklorists. They have written an evolutionary script to agree with those who formulated the Big Bang theory out of whole cloth.

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