Sunday, June 23, 2013


I was searching for two men that were given to me as being creation speakers. I was given only the names Dr. Jackson and Thomas Sharpe. When I did the computer search I found that both are Drs. and have a creation ministry out of Noble, OK. They also have a creation museum in Dallas, TX. One of the links in the search brought up a blog by a Ph.D. that excorciated creationists. Based on the news that a scientist had found viable DNA material in a fossil dinosaur, creationists had jumped on the fact to declare that the find demonstrated that a young earth. The author used sarcastic comments to excorciate the creation statements. He declared that the material had to be millions of years old because it was found in rocks that were dated by radiometric dating. I argue that rocks that have old radio dating can encase fossil objects that are only a few years old. For example, the 1959 earthquake in Yellowstone buried cars and vans but radio dating the rocks would provide ancient ages according to current thinking. St. Helens and Paricutin rocks would date very old but the volcanic activity is very recent. Another problem is that using radioactive dating assumes that there were no daughter atoms in the original formation of the rocks. We have no idea what the original composition was in either an evolutionary or creation model.
You might look up Dr. Jackson and Dr. Sharpe on the net.

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