Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I would like to see some common sense applied to the evolution argument. Why does anyone think that if brilliant scientists can not create life from inorganic molecules by creating complex DNA molecules that would direct the reproduction of the life that Mother Nature, who has no intellect, could create life. Ever since Darwin scientists have been trying to generate life unsucessfully. It is impossible. Doesn't that make sense? Evolutionist claim evolution is a proven science because biological scientists can manipulate existing life forms to create mutations and examine life forms in the laboratory. But we can't create life. Only a creator, either from some remote planet or maybe from a spiritual realm, can create life. The current belief, by those who don't believe there is a God, is that aliens have deposited life on earth that has evolved to the current condition. They use Bible citations that seem to be from outer space and drawings of what seems to be space suits on people in Egypt. They have admitted that Nature can't create life forms. Why then does the science activists fight so hard against any teaching in school of possible creation science subjects?

I need to be active in the current textbook fight in Texas but haven't had access to the books under question. The letters in the FWST are the usual rants against religion vs. science without citing any scientific arguments.

I would like  to see design engineers take on the Science group and support a creation approach.

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