Saturday, September 14, 2013


For my birthday, after my son with his wife and my granddaughter with her two daughters treated us to lunch at La Madeleine, we went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and Technology where we were bombarded by evolution science. Starting with the dinosaur exhibits which is the main focus of the museum with their large dinosaur statues outside the explanation was always about the long times explaining that fossils are dated by index fossils. None of which is true. The displays are focused on kids with an interactive dinosaur dig display ourside.
We chose the IMAX movie Space Junk. Again it had nothing to do with the actual facts of space junk, but the movie started with the Big Bang and creative displays of how galaxies and planets formed using their unscientific ideas. Because I worked on the Apollo program with the charge to prevent astronauts from being killed by meteoroids during the flights to the moon I was familiar with all of the space debris being a problem for the International Space Station and future satellite launches. I didn't know that NASA has a hypervelocity impact laboratory. I do know that my papers on hypervelocity impact studies have been quoted in science papers. I found this out when I Binged my name the other day. The Big Bang had nothing to do with the problem that we have created by destroying satellites in space creating thousands of parts that can impact other satellites creating more  debris. A real problem for the future.

To counteract the bad taste, we took a trip back to the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose this morning where we heard a 30 minute film on their belief in creation science as supported by their dinosaur excavations and footprints of humans with dinosaurs. The museum obviously need financial support. It has added a new exhibit of a scale model of Noah's Ark built by a messianic Jew from the Dallas area, but the hyperbaric chamber experiment has not been repeated. They are waiting to buy copper wire to wind the chamber to simulate the electormagnetic field of the pre-Noah atmosphere.

I picked up a copy of IN THE BEGINNING: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood by Walt Brown, who holds a PhD from MIT and worked in the aerospace industry with a stint teaching at the Air Force Academy. I had given away a couple of copies of the book and wanted to read it for myself. I have started it and find it compelling. He was mentioned in the film at the Glen Rose museum. Walt's web sire is The museum web site is:

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