Monday, April 30, 2012

I keep thinking of examples of how nature acts. One illustration is what happens if you would take a luxury car, drive it to the sand dunes at Port Aransas and remove the computer chip card from the controller. Actually all you have to do is walk away but leave it completely to nature. With the salt water, sun and air it would take only a few years for the car to completely deteriorate to scrap metal. With a good hail storm knocking out the windows, it will deteriorate even faster. Oxygen removes the rubber in the tires and the moisture and oxygen in the air converts the steel tire treads along with all of the metal in the car to iron oxide that becomes a mass of rust on the sand. The leather seats quickly combine with the air to form carbon dioxide and hydrogen oxide or water. If it is buried in the water or sand some of it may survive for a few years but out in nature it disappears. It will never become active and drive off in better shape than it is, unless it is taken to a shop where people would make it more able to perform like an automobile. Nature never improves but only degrades with natural forces. Am I wrong? How can evolutionists ever believe that random banging together of atoms would become more complex and create anything that would improve its condition.

I have seen planted crops with the heads all at reaper level and I know that if that field is ignored and left to nature the next year the heads would be a random heights and after only a few years with no person plowing or planting the field would become random plants with all kinds growing and dying. And this is with living plants that have been programmed from the beginning to reproduce according to their DNA instructions. Darwin saw changes and supposed survival of the fittest. I see continual deterioration without some intelligent action.

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