Sunday, April 29, 2012


I woke up from my nap wondering how anyone can believe that nature can create more complex entities using natural forces? The things that I observe is that when a living organism dies it decomposes into basic elements like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, calcium, sodium, etc. I have never seen basic elements get together to form more complex arrangements without help from people who can apply energy to cause combinations. Of course in nature volcanic activity that has excess energy is known to form diamonds somehow, we don't know. It is argued that high-energy solar radiation can cause all kinds of problems interacting with natural elements. The conversion of N to C is one example of that process. I remember when computers first came out and we were trying to develop ways to permantently record our digital records. It was argued that any method of using magnetically charged particles would be affected by high energy solar radiation that would strike the disk or tape or wire and disrupt one of the plus or minus dots and mess up the entire chain of data so that it would be meaningless. So it was argued that laser embedded data on plastic CDs would be more permanent but again we were told that it wouldn't last foreever but would be destroyed by high energy solar energy.

Recently the solar radiation has been a major news story as we worried about effects on the electrical distribution system, destroying satellites and harming the space shuttle occupants who moved into a protective shelter on the ISS. Predictions of solar storms and the variations of the appearance of them made me wonder how we could assume that solar radiation and thus the production of C14 from N has been constant. I would assume that it would fluctuate as we have observed variation in solar storms. This places any C14 dating technique in question in my mind.

Back to the question of nature growing more complex, I don't understand how any believer in evolution can see nature forming more complex when all I see is natural forces causing destruction of life and degradation from more complex to more simple. Trees die and decompose into mulch that continues to decompose more with time. Even an acorn that is roasted or otherwise killed will decompose into basic carbon molecules and simple elements. Basic chemicals can not organize into complex arrangements just left alone in nature.

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