Saturday, April 21, 2012

I recently made the acquaintance of a Wester Writer of America member who read this blog and emailed me the following comment:

Carbon 14 is an interesting critter. I was in Antarctica in 1972 and 1973 working in a remote area named the Dry Valleys. There were mummified seals in the valleys. Carbon 14 dating was done on them and they were registering over 10,000 years. The scientists then did carbon 14 dating on live seal pups and they registered about 500 years old. So if nothing else Carbon 14 is not accurate in polar regions. So from that point on I realized Carbon 14 probably was not a constant over time the way most people think it is.

I need to read more C14 tests to see if they calibrate their tests by evaluating a living plant to see if they can get 0 years as an age. I look forward to the WWA meeting in June to visit with him and find out more about his experience with the creation/evolution controversy.

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